Elder White in Peten

Monday, June 6, 2011

Elder White has another BAPTISM THIS SATURDAY!

June 6, 2011

Week 15


Well man I am beat. Today we went to the ruins of Yaxha, wow! That was so amazing, such a neat experience. It is so cool just to imagine this place with the nephites and lamanites. It was so amazing to be on top of temples just looking out at jungle. Such a cool experience.

We got changes and good news I get to stay in the area. I am so excited to stay here and to keep the work going and just working hard. I think the rain might be starting so it will start getting cooler. The bugs are starting to get crazier which is really annoying.

This Saturday we have another family to baptize. Oscar and Olga they were the first people I contacted in my area cool stuff. The plan is to get them married that baptized right after it will be so amazing. Our branch is so awesome they are planning the whole thing I am so excited for this opportunity. They are such a pilas (awesome ,studly, pretty much all around amazing) people. They really have grown a lot to be able to take this amazing step in their life. They have a little girl who is just super cute, I am so excited for them.

Well I just finished my first change and it was awesome! I feel like I have grown so much and my faith has grown by leaps and bounds. I have a testimony of prayer and that the power of prayer is tremendous. I have seen miracles thanks to pray and fasting. I know that God answers our prayers.

I am so glad to have my companion Elder Sakievich he is an awesome man. He has taught me so much and I am excited to be with him for another change. We are working hard and just trying to find new investigadors who can be baptized. We are now working with the father of Marvin who got baptized two weeks ago. We are also teaching the brother of Marvin. That guy is a little tough. He has been investigating the church for years and still has yet to be baptized.

We are just praying and working to be able to help him to find the desire to be baptized. I am so excited for this coming change and to see this area grow and become strengthened. I am glad to hear Andrew got a job. Life is amazing right now. People have been telling me I have lost weight so who knows how much until I can weigh myself. I am just happy as can be just working hard and being in this area. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be on my mission in Guatemala. Thanks for all your support.


Elder White