Elder White in Peten

Monday, June 6, 2011

Elder White has another BAPTISM THIS SATURDAY!

June 6, 2011

Week 15


Well man I am beat. Today we went to the ruins of Yaxha, wow! That was so amazing, such a neat experience. It is so cool just to imagine this place with the nephites and lamanites. It was so amazing to be on top of temples just looking out at jungle. Such a cool experience.

We got changes and good news I get to stay in the area. I am so excited to stay here and to keep the work going and just working hard. I think the rain might be starting so it will start getting cooler. The bugs are starting to get crazier which is really annoying.

This Saturday we have another family to baptize. Oscar and Olga they were the first people I contacted in my area cool stuff. The plan is to get them married that baptized right after it will be so amazing. Our branch is so awesome they are planning the whole thing I am so excited for this opportunity. They are such a pilas (awesome ,studly, pretty much all around amazing) people. They really have grown a lot to be able to take this amazing step in their life. They have a little girl who is just super cute, I am so excited for them.

Well I just finished my first change and it was awesome! I feel like I have grown so much and my faith has grown by leaps and bounds. I have a testimony of prayer and that the power of prayer is tremendous. I have seen miracles thanks to pray and fasting. I know that God answers our prayers.

I am so glad to have my companion Elder Sakievich he is an awesome man. He has taught me so much and I am excited to be with him for another change. We are working hard and just trying to find new investigadors who can be baptized. We are now working with the father of Marvin who got baptized two weeks ago. We are also teaching the brother of Marvin. That guy is a little tough. He has been investigating the church for years and still has yet to be baptized.

We are just praying and working to be able to help him to find the desire to be baptized. I am so excited for this coming change and to see this area grow and become strengthened. I am glad to hear Andrew got a job. Life is amazing right now. People have been telling me I have lost weight so who knows how much until I can weigh myself. I am just happy as can be just working hard and being in this area. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be on my mission in Guatemala. Thanks for all your support.


Elder White

Monday, May 30, 2011

Elder White Had A BAPTISM!

May 30, 2011

Week 14

Man last week was awesome! On Saturday we baptized Marvin and Zoila. They were the couple we got married like 3 weeks ago. I got to do the ordinance for Zoila, which was so amazing. Such a special experience and I am so glad that I have the opportunity to do this for 2 years.

The week leading up to their baptism was rough. My faith has grown so much this last week. He didn’t feel ready to be baptized until the day of his interview on Friday. We brought in the Branch President who is a super stud. I love him he just was amazing on Friday. I gave him the nickname of "The Closer". It was so awesome. We rode the whole week on faith and it was amazing to see them baptized. Such a special experience.

We have another baptism ´planned for the 11th of June for Oscar and Olga. We received special permission from the mission president to visit them at 7 in order to get them ready. The plan now is that they are going to get married and baptized the same day. That will be an awesome experience. Oscar gave the opening prayer in church on Sunday and wow it was amazing.

We are sure that that was when he got the desire to be married and baptized on the 11th. Because up till yesterday he was always dodgy about putting a date. We had Branch Council yesterday for the first time. We are really starting to get a hang of working with members. So this coming week we have a lot of members coming over to help Oscar and Olga. I got a haircut last Wednesday it feels so good in this heat.

I forgot to tell you about what I had a couple weeks ago. I got to try ceviche which was amazing! I don’t know how to describe it so look it up, but it was delicious. This first change has really blown by. Next Monday we get to go to the ruins of Yaxha for a zone activity I am excited.

I will take lots of pictures. I bought an adapter for my SD cards but the computer is freaking out right now so I cant load up pictures but you guys will get some soon. Thanks for everything and I love you all.

Elder White

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


May 25, 2011

Week 13

Hey y’all,

Well life is awesome! We had zone conference yesterday and interviews on Monday. It was awesome! My desire to serve and help people grew so much yesterday. I have a renewed desire to share the Book of Mormon with people and how it can change their lives. We talked to President Torres about our investigators who said they weren’t ready to be baptized this Saturday. He said that their problem was that they were not reading the Book of Mormon enough.

That really hit me because I know in my life while reading the Book of Mormon I feel the Spirit so much and just have a greater desire to follow the commandments. So after zone conference we had an amazing lesson with them and they are going to be ready to be baptized on Saturday. It is Marvin y Zoila who got married a couple of weeks ago beats me when it was. Time here is so weird. Our numbers for this zone sucked!

We really have a desire to further progress this work in the area. My comp and I are working hard to get stuff going in our area. The Lord really has blessed us because of our work. But there is always room for improvement, a lot of it. We got a new curfew now because of the stuff that happened in Peten. We now have to be in by 7 at night. It sucks because that is when we get really good lessons, but I know that it is for our good and am trying to accept it without complaining.

Our area isn’t really crazy so luckily we don’t get in the boonies, our little area is awesome and feels really safe. But with that said we are definitely making a conscious effort to be on the look out and stay safe. I am so excited for this Saturday, I really have grown to love Marvin y Zoila and really hope they stay strong and get sealed. It would be so awesome to go to the temple with them.

During zone conference I realized that questions are amazing! I finally realize why Dad always asked me questions and made me think through them. Why tell people when they can figure it out themselves and actually learn it. That is my goal now to just teach with questions a lot more. Get people to learn and keep what they learn.

I loved zone conference and I know that President Torres is called of God. I can’t wait to meet the new President Watts. He gets in the end of next month. I love this work and I learn so much everyday. I am growing so much and am so thankful for this opportunity to be here in Guatemala. You guys are awesome thank you for everything.


Elder White

Monday, May 16, 2011


May 16, 2011

Week 12

Buenas tardes,

Life is good, a little hectic but still good. President Torres gave us a goal of getting 5 baptism dates this last week. Sadly we failed. People just need to get married ugh. We have 2 who are set up for the 28th who are already married (the ones we married) Marvin y Soila. We have Oscar y Olga who need to get married and after that we can baptize them because they have been to church a ton.

We have Alexander who has a date for next month the 21st I think. But he needs to get married too. It is such a pain in the butt. This past Saturday we had a district activity where we shined shoes for free to get contacts. I learned how to do it finally haha. It’s pretty easy and surprisingly kinda relaxing.

I totally forgot to tell you guys about the mission rules, so here they are. We cant play basketball or soccer. No coke. Have to have a Book of Mormon in our hands at all times. Man not playing basketball is gonna be tough but hopefully with the new Mission president that will change. Heads up! Next week I wont have PDay till the Wednesday the 25th. So don’t freak out when I dont email on Monday. The reason why is because we have Interviews and Zone conference next week.

Haha it is so funny walking around in this part of San Jose called Nueva San Jose its to the NW of San Jose. But anyways there is an evangelico church there that is so annoying. They have speakers set up on top of it so it just blasts everywhere. So everyone can be enriched by the good word they are spreading, it is really bad. Evangelicos are the major religion here, just super annoying.

On Sunday we had a lesson with a new guy and on the corner in front of his house were a pair of Protestant missionaries. They were taking turns yelling into a megaphone haha that was funny but super annoying. Yesterday night we were teaching Marvin y Soila and they ended up giving us a bunch of mangos from their mango tree. Man they are soo good!

I love the mission, I am appreciating the small things a lot more now. That is so true about the whole faith thing and trial of faith. I see that everyday a lot. A lot of people just are really scared to pray. There are many trials of faith for our investigadors. But with enough love and help from the Lord they are able to get over their trial of faith.

It was a good week and the work is coming along. We had 15 new investigators last week so we are finding a lot, just gotta get them progressing now. Well you guys are awesome thank you for everything.


Elder White

Monday, May 9, 2011

Elder White says HOWDY FROM PETEN!

May 9, 2011

Week 11

Buenas Tardes,

Yesterday was really nice to be able to talk to you guys. Its good to hear everyone is doing good. Im not really baggy because of it, I just got back into the work. Today we went to Pizza Hut for lunch as a district, which was so fun. There was music from the states playing, man that was weird haha.

I had a sweet jalón today from San Andres. Me and my companion hopped onto a truck with a bunch of workers in the back. We were standing up the whole way haha I took a video of some of it. I borrowed a thingy from the District Leader he said he just bought it here so I will try and find something soon.

The time really seems like it is going fast. The days are kinda like weeks and the weeks are kinda like days its weird haha. Im starting to get tan. Finally getting some little blisters but oh well nothing too bad. One of the pictures is of me and the CCM President. I am so in love with it here. The investigadors here are coming along slowly but surely. We had 2 couples and a brother of the guy who got married on Saturday, they showed up to church.

Oscar and Olga is our new couple that needs to get married, they have gone to church around 7 times so after their marriage we can baptize them. The Mission Presidents goal for our companionship this week is to have 5 baptismal dates including one family. So we gotta bust our butts now. I am excited to keep on working. Next week I think we are going to the caves of Santa Elena next PDay. Everything is awesome here. It was nice to talk to yall. Thank you so much for everything you do and the support. Talk to you next week.


Elder White

Monday, May 2, 2011


May 2, 2011

Week 10

Man it is hot and humid here. I am sweating so much everyday, the hills in San Jose are killer but oh well its making me stronger. I love the area we are still getting used to it and trying to get used to it. We have 3 couples who need to get married before we can baptize them, ugh thats gonna be a big problem my whole mission. But with the help of the Lord we can do it.

I email in the Island of Flores which is cool. From San Andres which is right next to San Jose we catch a jalon (hitchhike) to the city. Than from there we take Tuc Tucs to the Internet cafe. I love the trip into the city it is so fun just sittin in the back of a truck looking at the countryside. It really is beautiful here and the people are really friendly.

It is funny because most people wont tell you no to the message just quit paying attention after a while. Me and my companion are working hard we had some awesome success for our first days here. Hopefully we can keep it up and keep working hard. The branch here is pretty big and the church building is super nice. They have an outdoor bball court but we cant play basketball its a mission rule bla. But oh well im all for obedience.

This fast sunday was awesome its been the first sunday where I really fasted hard for purposes. I love fast sundays they are so awesome getting in tune with the Spirit. For fast sundays in Peten we get to drink water still because it is so hot and humid. Here the meal hours are killer. People take an hour to make lunch than another hour to eat it same for dinner. It sucks because when we are out contacting everyone is busy, so we just pray for lessons.

Me and my companion are getting along good, he is a really good guy and is an awesome example for me. I have learned a lot already and can’t wait to keep on learning. Man it is so weird having to buy groceries and cook for ourselves haha it is definitely strange. We cleaned the crap out of the apartment because the last missionaries left it a super mess.

It is so awesome to live right next to a lake though, it’s amazing when you get a glimpse of the lake and how clear it is. Makes me think about how much I will miss swimming. Oh well. I am so excited to be out here and working. It is super tiring though, every night we come home just super exhausted. We heard about Bin Laden today, thats pretty cool.

For Mothers Day is it cool if you guys call at 2 your time which should be 1 my time. Our number here is 4088-8318 I don’t know the whole country code and all that but that is our number for here. I wont be able to do a test call on Saturday so hopefully that number will work. I am excited to hear you guys but It will be really weird hearing yall again. I am so in love with it here with Guatemala and am excited to be a missionary. Thank you so much for everything you guys do and your support. Till next Monday.


Elder White

Friday, April 29, 2011


April 29, 2011

Week 9 ½

WOOOOOO I am finally out in the field man I am so excited to finally be here. We got some training from the AP´s on Tuesday and met all the trainers. Than on Wednesday we finally found out where we are going and who are trainers are going to be. I was waiting for what seemed like forever during our change meeting as people were getting called. Finally they got to the last zone and it was Peten. I was so happy! I am so excited to be here in Peten out of the city. It is so awesome.

My trainer is Elder Sakievich from Phoenix Arizona. He has been out 9 months and is an awesome Elder. He is super excited for this work and this is his first time being out of the capital. So we are both in a brand new area for us so we are just trying to get ourselves established in the area. Our area is in a town called San Jose in the Peten area. We get some other towns too but we are living in San Jose. Our area is the farthest away from the capital in the mission woo!

We live in an apartment below a store owned by members. It is a nice apartment, although it is pretty dirty from the last missionaries there. So we are going to have to clean up and make it look good. If you want to find it on Google maps it is a orange building right next to a big old soccer field in the city of San Jose. I am so excited to be in this area.

Yesterday me and my companion did a bunch of contacting trying to get some new investigators. We worked our butts off but it was really good. We tought 3 lessons yesterday, one of which was to a progressing investigador that was already there. The area book which has all the info about the people and area, was not very well filled out so we are gonna have a tough time getting this area going. There are 3 progressings investigators in the book but we have only found 1 so far, we are gonna have to go searching. The people are really friendly here which is awesome.

It seems like the main problem will be with couples who arent married just together. We taught 1 of the progressing investigadors last night about this and read the proclamation to the family with them and taught them about the law of chastity. It was very straight forward and the lady is ready to be married and is an awesome investigador, but the man is just scared to pray. He already knows what he needs to do but he doesnt want to do it and get the answer to his prayers. It is frustrating but we will keep on praying and working with him. It is super hot and humid here man I sweat so much, it looks like ima lose a good amount of weight here.

The area is super hilly too, I can’t ever remember walking up hills as steep as some of the hills in the area. The hills will be the death of me haha. But I am so excited to finally be out and working. I am going to work my butt off and not have one regret I cant believe I am finally out here. It is a little overwhelming but with help from my trainer and the lord I will get through it. I am so excited to finally be working.

My PDays will be on Mondays from now on and hopefully wont change but for now my PDays will be on Mondays. As for mothers day I will be calling next Saturday just to check to make sure it will work. And than on Sunday you guys will call that number that I used. So they advise gettting a phone card. So buy a good long phone card for next Sunday. On Monday I will email you regarding when you should call because I need to work it out with my companion. Well I will email you again on Monday. I love you all so much and thank you for all the support. The reliable address for mail and packages from now on will be.

Misión Guatemala Ciudad Norte

Apartado #951-A

Guatemala, Guatemala C.A.


Elder White